Are you looking for personalised help with depression and live on the Gold Coast? Many people think that depression is only associated with people who are ‘unable to get out of bed’.  But for many the symptoms of depression can be much more subtle. Have you been feeling down? Flat? Blue? Struggling with low energy and motivation? Most of us have the occasional times where we might feel a bit down.  However many people – around one person in every five – will experience feeling depressed at some point in their life.

Typical signs of depression can include a lack of energy and motivation, not enjoying things that you usually do, struggling to think and feel positively about things, disordered sleeping and feeling hopeless and bleak about the future.

(Be aware that depression is different to the grief we may feel when someone we care about dies)

Also there are different types of depression.  For example, some women may experience depression during pregnancy or postnatal depression after childbirth.  Others might experience severe mood swings from depression to feeling ‘high’ or super-energised and may meet a diagnosis for Bipolar Disorder (or what used to be called manic depression).

Symptoms of depression vary from person to person, as does the severity of the depression.  Someone who is ‘clinically depressed’ has numerous symptoms that have persisted for longer than two weeks.  If you would like to take a simple ‘depression test’ to see if you might be experiencing depression symptoms, you can click on the links below.  Please note that the results of a depression quiz should not replace a proper assessment made by a health professional.

Beyondblue Anxiety and Depression Checklist

More information about depression, and depression treatment, is available through our Resources page.

Even if you are taking depression medication (‘anti-depressants’), talking with a psychologist or counsellor may also be beneficial. For professional, non-judgemental support with depression, please make an appointment with one of our compassionate professionals at our Gold Coast psychology and counselling practice.

More information about depression, and depression treatment, is available through our Resources page.

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