Relationship and Family Counselling

What was once referred to as ‘marriage counselling’ is now usually referred to as the broader ‘relationship counselling’.  It is often in our intimate relationships, where we have an emotional investment with the other person, that our most difficult interpersonal conflicts arise.

Relationship counsellor, Sarah Forman, can offer you support with issues including communication difficulties, conflict and de-escalation, intimacy problems, infidelity, and relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.

Sarah has over ten years’ experience working as a Relationship Counsellor for Relationships Australia, where she has worked with hundreds of couples with a broad range of relationship issues, including couples from the LGBTIQ+ community.

With her warm, non-judgemental and compassionate approach, Sarah can assist across a number of relationship areas including:

  • intimate relationship counselling,
  • family counselling and
  • workplace counselling.
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Counsellor Sarah Forman    |    Works extensively with relationships and families