Tess Collie

Tess_Collie_PsychologistB.Psych (Hons), Dip Gestalt Therapy, FAAP, EMDRAA

Tess Collie is a psychologist who offers a holistic approach to psychology and counselling.  Tess has been in private practice for over ten years and has also counselled across a variety of settings including private and public hospital palliative care, Relationships Australia, Queensland Cancer Fund and Kumbari Avenue Special School.  Tess brings a broad range of life experiences to her psychology practice including a previous background as a senior business executive and university lecturer. Tess has post graduate training in both EMDR Therapy and Gestalt Therapy.

Tess has particular interests in trauma, grief and loss counselling as well as health and well-being issues (e.g., cancer support, pre-surgery counselling). Tess also regularly works with issues such as workplace and life stress, anxiety, depression, and personal growth and development. Tess uses a combination of EMDR therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and CBT (especially mindfulness based) approaches. Tess works together with clients towards their therapeutic goals, such as to develop healthier and more effective coping strategies, resolve adverse life experiences, increase self-awareness, experience better relationships, and live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Tess offers counselling for adults in the following areas:

  • Trauma (such as childhood abuse, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, family violence, sexual assault and medical procedures) including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Cancer support 
  • Prior to preventative cancer treatment (e.g., prophylactic mastectomy)
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Personal growth/development and life coaching

Tess has previously been recognised with a number of awards, prizes and scholarships including:

  • University Medal – Griffith University 1999
  • Australian Psychological Society Prize in Psychology 1999
  • Psychology Medal for Achievement in the Bachelor’s Degree, Griffith University 1999
  • Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence – B.Psych with Honours 1999
  • Pearson Education Australia Award for Academic Excellence 1999
  • Patience Thoms Honours Scholarship 1998
  • Golden Key International Honour Society Scholarship 1997

Tess is a Fellow of the Australian Association of Psychologists, and a full member the EMDR Association of Australia.

Tess is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 3pm.  For further information about fees, wait times etc, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.